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Court Martial and Criminal Defense

   If you are being investigated, facing a court martial, or being administratively separated by the military, it is imperative that you DO NOT make a statement to CID, AFOSI, NCIS, or your Commander. You need an attorney who understands the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ) and Military Law.   When you are read your rights, demand to speak to an attorney and refuse to say anything. 

    If a military investigator or your Commander tells you that only guilty people ask for a Military Lawyer or that not cooperating will only make things harder on you at your Court Martial, then they are lying to you in an attempt to get you to talk before a Military Attorney can advise you.  They want you to talk about what you are suspected of doing, so they can twist what you say and use it against you at a court martial.  You can always make a statement before you are charged at a Court Martial, but it is difficult to take back what you say when you are on the stand at a Court Martial.  Even if you don't call Kyle S. Fischer, you have a right to free legal advice from a Military Attorney at your local Trial Defense Service office.  Take advantage of that right.

 Personal Injury

  If you have been injured in a car wreck, then you need to speak to an attorney immediately.  An insurance adjuster will attempt to take a statement from you, so they can use that statement to give you a small percentage of what your auto accident is worth.  I had a client who was injured in an automobile accident where a drunk driver hit him, then ran from the scene of the car accident.  He negotiated with the insurance adjuster for a year and a half where he was offered $600.00.  I wrote one letter on his behalf and the offer jumped to $9,800.00.  I filed suit on behalf of the client, and the insurance company paid its liability limits of $25,000.00.  I cannot guarantee what you will receive if you retain me for a car wreck, but you can see how adjusters take advantage of those persons who are not represented.  If you do not call me, then call a personal injury attorney who will fight for you.

  If you would like a free initial consultation with Kyle S. Fischer regarding a Court Martial or your personal injury, then please feel free to contact him at 706.660.5540, or fill in the form on the Legal Inquiry page and he will contact you shortly.  Fischer|Scott, LLC is conveniently located to Ft. Benning in downtown Columbus, Georgia at Suite 200 of the Corporate Center, which is across the street from First Baptist Church.  


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